video Old School Street Hustler Trick
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honse2467 years ago
WITCH!!! lol just kidding !
he turned me into a newt... I got better
Some call me... Tim.
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged?
"What floats?... uhh... uhh... A SMALL ROCK!"
Does everyone ere watch Monty Python: the holy Grail????? Lol hahah we are the Knights who say Ni!
tjk94 Redgerr6 years ago
So they ate Sir Roberts minstrels and there was much rejoicing. yaaaaay
Nice- it would be even cooler if you placed on of these matches in an ashtray some time before you did the trick, then casually "find" the match and do the trick.

Also, instead of striking the "burnt match" (which would actually break) rub it gently on the matchbox until it lights.

If you can do sleight of hand- you could even switch the burnt match for another fake burnt match and light it a third time!
NIC TRIC DEAR...................
Redgerr7 years ago
well, i must say that is sweet and i did not see it coming, interesting way that you light a match though lol :) thanks for showimg me! im gona make like 500000 and light em lol :)
antonk Redgerr7 years ago

like your accent and trick

Redgerr antonk7 years ago
antonk Redgerr7 years ago
his accent is cool
Redgerr antonk7 years ago
lol yep, its not bad-- i didnt know what you were talking about because i watched without volume the 1st time lol :)
Flynder Redgerr6 years ago
Its Danish :) or the matches is Danish matches..
it is just the basic danish accent, i should know, being form Denmark and all.
That makes us two :) Dansker fra viborg her du.. :D
fra Horsens
fra USA.
his accent sounds icelandic
awesome! an easy five bucks from a friend.
lol yah
Kofoed5 years ago
jay Denmark for the win tordenskjold :D
muzasultan5 years ago
haaaaaa haaaa I like it thanks ^.^/)
pat25171915 years ago
Beaverman5 years ago
yay denmark :D
knutz Beaverman5 years ago
teslafan1005 years ago
I swear that guy on the match box blinked at me. lol
soulreaper45 years ago
lol me too.this is an excellent way to make some money.
hehehe, If I were old enough to drink I'd use this as a bet in some bar.
you said funpartytrick.com on the first one one funpartytricks 
hyoungbin6 years ago
turner227 years ago
big downside: the match head has to be black. it is pretty hard to color a tip red and still get it to light.
try a strike anywhere match, im not sure, but i think the magnesium tip will still spark through a layer of dry ink. Then you can light it on a piece of quartz and explain off the obvious 'flare up' at the beginning of the match lighting is a chemical reaction with the rock and ash. Muauaahahaa! It would suck if you believed this and one day found some real burned out matches in the forest when you really need them to light.
get blak matches..but iun noe if tey still sell them
coolo526 years ago
great i am so using this
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