If you've got a few old snowboards lying around and have always wondered what on earth to do with them, here's the answer's... make a Snowboard Bench to use when getting your gear on or off before or after a day's riding.

Here's how in a few simple steps with minimal fuss.

You will need:
  • Old snowboard
  • Drill and metal drill bits
  • Large wooden timber
  • 8 x long wood screws
  • Sand paper
  • Timber wax, paint or varnish

Step 1: Drill Though the Old Binding Threads

First thing to do is get a metal drill bit and drill out through the base of the board.  This is fairly easy as the base is usually a wood core. Use a drill bit size that matches your wood screws.

You might want to use rounded head wood screws (these were the only ones I had lying around).

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