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Introduction: Old T-shirt to Wall Art

Step 1: Supplies

Super easy DIY if you have some old tshirts you like the design of but maybe don't wear anymore.
All you need is a canvas art board, I used
16 inches by 20. I stretched the shirt to where I wanted it and used upholstery staples to secure the top. Then go to each side and then the bottom, stretching and stapling as you go. Then cut away the excess material. I did this last to make sure I had enough to show the entire design.
And that's it! An amazing piece of art from something you don't use anymore. Use some marathon shirts or sports teams, just make really sure you don't wear it!!

Step 2:

I've got my eye on this one next!!!

The green shirt I got a while back from
designbyhumans.com, they have many cool designs and a clearance section in case you want something new and unique.



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    Nice one! I used to take shirts that would fit inside of standard frames, remove the cardboard, cut the shirt and tape the edges to the back and put the cardboard back into the frame. I like this idea way better, but the frame glass keeps the dust off the shirt.