Old Table to Vintage Table




Introduction: Old Table to Vintage Table

Found an old table that must have had linoleum on the top at one time because there were nail holes all around the top.  Loved the shape and style and had a hard time deciding exactly what to do.  After sanding lightly so that I could keep the old look to it, I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint to do all the paint.  Got a graphic from the "Graphic Fairy" site and changed it up a bit, put it on a transparency, penciled it on the table top and  painted it with black milk paint..  Sanded it down a bit after it was dry to give the graphic an older look.  This was the result.  Will still be adding a coat of enamel to protect the surface, but I am very happy with my first big project with the overhead projector!  (UPDATE:  Decided to cover table with a product called FAMOWOOD GLAZE COAT.  LOVE how it turned out)!



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