Step 4: Cut a backer board and matte

I'm using masonite as the backer board here for the window picture frame.  It's thin and stiff and will work fine, so will cardboard, foam board, or any other thin material you'd like to back your photo with. 

I cut it down to the exact interior dimension of the window on the table saw.  The matte was professionally cut at a craft store so that it would fit in place snugly.  Michael's cuts mattes for not too much money, as will any other framing shop as well.

If you're going to do a bunch of framing, I highly recommend investing in a matte cutter that you can use at home.  Cutting your own mattes saves a lot of money, is way more convenient, and allows you to make any size matte you like!  My Dad has one and it has paid for itself many times over on framing projects.

<p>Love the old windows. While the paint may be lead based, I'm not too sure I wanna repaint them actually. I think the shabby chic looks great on it's own!</p>
I am very concerned about the lead paint on an old frame chipping and being injested . We want to redo it, but don't want to use chemical strippers. Can lead paint be painted over and &quot;encased&quot; in the new paint? It will be hung on the wall?
WARNING:<br><br>Be extremely careful using old windows, they may have lead paint on them. Improper removal can be deadly to you and other occupants of your dwelling.<br><br>Any windows made before 1978 probably have lead paint.<br><br>Do not power sand lead paint. Lead borne dust is very bad for your heath.<br><br>Do not use a heat gun that can produce heat over 1100 degrees to remove the paint, it will vaporize the lead and breathing the fumes is deadly.<br><br>Google lead paint removal for proper and safe removal techniques or go to <br>http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadsafetybk.pdf
AS a photographer I love the simple beauty of this instructable. Leanne Martin Australia
&nbsp;Looks very nice!! these windows look great just hanging them all battered on new walls but I like them with the pics!
&nbsp;stripping paint with heat , paint striper or abrasives all have hazards, with proper&nbsp;precautions&nbsp;can be done safely. <br /> <br /> Lead paint is common on old windows so when sanding paint &nbsp;off, its best done where the dust can be&nbsp;controlled&nbsp;and cleaned up, Dust mask are the minimum protection you should consider.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Nice Project!&nbsp;<br />
My boyfriend did this with a mirror instead of pictures for our bedroom. he did not remove the old layers of color on it so it looks a little shabby-chick. I really love it! <br />
it would be fun to have a picture of a window inside the window frame :00
Sweet!&nbsp; Nice idea, and looks great...&nbsp;

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