This is an old window without 2 panes, so I put beads in this area, painted frogs on the back side, added a shelf on top and put it in the patio.

<p>Is the shelf on top what was once the window sill?</p>
<p>It's a 1&quot; x 6&quot; x length of window sill (scrap wood} screwed to the top of the window frame.</p>
<p>I have a few old windows in the garage. Maybe a summer project.</p>
<p>That looks great. Could you share some more details about the steps that you went through to make it.</p>
<p>I didn't go thru the photo taking process because I had no intentions of showing it. Next time I'll go thru this process. As far as the frames inside, just went with the theme of our Bayfront patio.</p>

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