Introduction: Old Wooden Ladder Bed

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You will need approx. 50 ft. of old wooden ladders to make this queen size bed.

Step 1: Line Things Up & Measure

Line up your 4 vertical pieces ( 2 for headboard and 2 for foot) making sure the rungs line up. Measure the height u you want the headboard to be and cut 2 pieces of ladder. Repeat w/ foot board.

Step 2: Vertical Pieces

Picture of Vertical Pieces

measure and cut pieces to width (2 for head board & 1 for foot board). This will determine your bed size ;twin, Queen, King, etc. The top cross piece on the headboard and the footboard has two measurements - 1. one of the ladder sides will contiune across the 2 vertical ladder pieces and fasten to them 2. the other side of these same pieces will be cut to sit flush against the vertical ladders they butt up against.

Step 3: Middle of Headboard

measure and cut this ladder on all 4 ends to sit inside the 2 vertical ladders, making sure the rungs line up w/ the top horizontal ladder. I left a 5" space between the top of this ladder and the bottom of the one above it This maybe optional on a twin bed, but it will add stability to larger size beds.

Step 4: Extra Support

Picture of Extra Support

cut a small spacer piece from an an extra rung to use as attach between the vertical ladders on the sides and the top side of the horizontal top ladders

Step 5: Side Rails

Picture of Side Rails

measure and cut side rails to fit ( this, again will be determined by the size of bed you are making)

Step 6: Notch Side Rails

Picture of Notch Side Rails

cut a notch (half lap) on all 4 ends of side rails , so they will fit against head & foot board. I attached mine to the outside, but these could attach to the inside- just leave more room for that when you first measure out the width of the overall bed.

Step 7: Added Support

Picture of Added Support

measure and cut small section of ladder to attach to bottom center of each side rail for added support

Step 8: Screw It!

Lay all pieces out, making sure rungs line up. Pre drill counter sink holes and run in 3" wood screws. Attach metal bed rails to bed on all 4 corners.


joshuadaniel82 (author)2014-12-29

By far the coolest project I've seen on here because it's something a moron like myself could actually do lol!!! Really cool!!

jordan zeunges (author)2014-12-28

Awesome design!! Very impressive!!

Robibame (author)2014-12-28

nice re-use of an old ladder.

tomatoskins (author)2014-12-27

I love how random this is. I wouldn't ever think of using a ladder when designing my bed. Good job.

cdawisconsin (author)2014-12-26

Very nice!!!

seamster (author)2014-12-26

This is so cool! I can see someone just duplicating the look, without using old ladders. Very nicely done!

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