Picture of Old belt guitar strap
Tired of having to buy cheap straps that just rip apart? Or having to deal with the strap slipping off of the strap buttons? No need to buy $20 dollar strap locks for your guitar. Here is a simple way to make a strap out of a belt and to keep the strap from falling off.

Before I start this I would like to apologize beforehand for the bad pictures (camera phone) and this is also my first instructable. So please enjoy!

Step 1: Items you will need:

Picture of Items you will need:
You will need the following items:
2 Eye Screws - $2 - $3
2 Quick Links - $.50 - $1.00
an old belt
a guitar

lilflo13311 year ago
I like the ibanez
freeza363 years ago
what type of guitar is that???
Bradlez926 years ago
should i be worried sbout screwing the eye scrwes so deep that it'll damage the guitar?
bleachedaneurysm (author)  Bradlez926 years ago
yes. if you screw them in too far and put too much pressure into the guitar, you may crack the finish and/or the body itself
DAMN, so its pretty risky business eh? i'd suppose you could compare the screws, to make sure that its not to long or short, but i wouldnt do this with my most prized of guitars either way.
bleachedaneurysm (author)  Bradlez926 years ago
yea that's why i chose to do it on my Ibanez.
redmoon966 years ago
BAAAAA!!!! I was gonna do this for a while, just did not have the time. O well, favorited. nice instructable. =)
bleachedaneurysm (author)  redmoon966 years ago
cooolplz7 years ago
ahan yeah i searched for it i liked this version of it alot the newer model is not that good i didnt like it... i searched on ebay but couldnt find this model ....
bustedit7 years ago
Is that a teisco or harmony? or other? i just got my 1st gtar, 70s korean harmony marquis, looks like yours but tobacco sunburst and 1 pickup w black pick guard; body style similar though.
hey i want to know that what model ur guitar is and wat brand ?
are u asking me? or the ible writer?? ive got a harmony marquis H801 like i just said, but i dont what this one in the ible is either. i just got this friday:
ahan nice guitar u have, :)... iwas asking him bcause i m thinking of making a guitar my self so i liked his guitar so i wanted to know which guitar it is so that i can then try to find a blueprint or something likethat....
bleachedaneurysm (author)  cooolplz7 years ago
it's a ibanez jetking. they quit making this one, but they have a 2nd one out.
JuCo bustedit7 years ago
it's an ibanez jet king... that lucky bastard! they discontinued it, as far as i know, and put out the jet king 2. (which is nowhere near as classy looking) oh, well... there's always ebay, right?
abadfart7 years ago
you can do this with a leather belt and not alter your guitar
bleachedaneurysm (author)  abadfart7 years ago
yes but i had a crappy ibanez laying around and saw a picture of zakk wydle and his chain strap, it does the same damage as locking strap buttons. you can always buy smaller eye screws that will match with your strap buttons.
cooolplz7 years ago
hey i want to know that what model ur guitar is and wat brand ?