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Introduction: Old Bike Freewheel Cleaning

Hi so i got an old road bike in need of some tlc while trying to disassemble my cassete i disassembled the freewheel it wasn't has hard has people make it out to be so i decided to share how to disassemble and clean your freewheel (this old model only)

(I'm not responsible for how you use this information or any harm that you get while doing this)

Step 1: What You Need

You will need :
Assorted rags
Cleaning pad
Something to open the wheel (i use an old philips screwdriver)
A tray (very important)

Step 2: Opening the Freewheel

When opening the freewheel be careful and do it slowly if needed use a hammer to tap the srewdriver GENTLY til it starts moving and after that take it on top of your tray (very important)

Step 3: Clean the Bearings

Carefully take the casing of the freewheel out and let the bearings drop in the tray 
Take the rest of them and put them in the tray for cleaning ( to clean them i put them inside the rag and scrubbed them clean)

Step 4: Disassemble the Freewhel

so i took the rest of the freewheel apart and cleaned everything 

Step 5: Clean the Body of the Freewheel

Just use your pad and scrub everything really nice till it's clean

Step 6: Reassembling

Start reassembling everything in the inverse order you disassembled

Step 7: Reassembling the Bearings

Put the grease in the lower place for the bearings and start ''glueing'' the little balls there (keep a little bit of grease in your fingertip and use it to put the bearings in place)

Step 8: Reassembling the Cassete to the Wheel

with the metal pieces in the right position slowly insert the cassette while rotating it counter clockwise till it gets in place

Step 9: Rest of the Bearings and Close

Once again grease everything and add the balls 
put the cover slowly once again and tap it lightly till it feels firm again and tada you got a clean freewheel again :D

Hope someone finds this usefull !!!!
Please give me your opinion on the instructable has it's my first one
If you can't understand something or would like better clarification please tell me and i will try to explain 



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    Super informative instructable, very thorough and well documented.

    This is great! Definitely helped me disassemble my Regina BX Extra freewheel:D


    Thanks for sharing this instruction, it has been very helpfull. After reading your instructions i finally know how to disassemble my shimano uniglade 5 speed freewheel.
    Last weeks the weather conditions have been very wet here at the dutch coast causing my freewheel to get stuck. I good greasejob will fix that I hope.
    Thanks yawneth!

    Hi, and sorry for my english. I'm a spanish boy and this instructable is very useful. This is my first comment and really your work deserve it. Thanks.

    Thank you :D glad to have helped :D

    which way do i turn the ring to open it? i have been tapping both ways but i dont know, im trying left but i ride fixed too and the lockring is reversed threads so that makes me wonder

    from left to right it takes a little force for it to move the first time and if it's really hard put some degreaser on it and let it sit overnight hope it helps :D

    awesome . i've never gotten down to the pawls . 1 trick i've used is soaking in degreaser (detergent,wd-40, simple green..) then working the gunks loose. I'll
    have to dig into an old unit with your instructions .

    how did it went?

    havent yet had a chance to try. only worked on single speeds lately