The room where I keep my desktop computer tends to collect a lot of vintage stuff, so one day I decided it was time to give my webcam more of a vintage look.  To accomplish this, I decided to mount it inside a old camera housing.  It turned out to be a relatively easy project.

Step 1: Things Needed

The parts list is relatively simple:

 - a web camera
- an old camera large enough to accommodate the webcam
- hot glue
- wood scraps to use as shims

Tools used:

 - rotary tool with grinding and sanding bits
- screwdriver
- hot glue gun
- 7/32 drill bit and drill
- 1/4 x 20tpi tap and tap wrench
<p>I almost cringed at the idea of gutting out such a classic, but the good side is that the camera has been given a new life and has been entered into the club of conversation pieces.</p>
<p>lol good idea :P </p>
This is really well done.. Great concept, execution and Instructable! And a very appropriate use of an old camera housing. One suggestion: You might want to consider doing something with the cable, along the lines of my new Instructable, &quot;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-USB-cable/">Steampunk USB Cable</a>.&quot;
Nice one awesome.... from Malta europe. keepit up Buddy.
Thank you, and greetings from Texas, US!
Hmm. I have an old bakelite Brownie in storage (until we finish moving). I plan to run a roll or two through it to see how well it works as-is, but maybe later a webcam would be a real nice mod for it.<br>
Very cool. I think it's time for something to do with the printer. :)
Thanks for the comment! You know, I've thought about doing something with the printer, but haven't yet decided on what to do! I bulit my computer inside a vintage looking suitcase, put the speakers in a vintage looking speaker cabinet, and put the webcam inside an old camera --- yet the printer still looks all shiny &amp; modern. Gotta think of something.....
A typewriter!
The room looks great. I'm sure you'll think of something.
That is classy, keep up the good work.
Kudos! That's the best retro hack I've seen in a while.

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