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The room where I keep my desktop computer tends to collect a lot of vintage stuff, so one day I decided it was time to give my webcam more of a vintage look.  To accomplish this, I decided to mount it inside a old camera housing.  It turned out to be a relatively easy project.

Step 1: Things needed

Picture of Things needed
The parts list is relatively simple:

 - a web camera
- an old camera large enough to accommodate the webcam
- hot glue
- wood scraps to use as shims

Tools used:

 - rotary tool with grinding and sanding bits
- screwdriver
- hot glue gun
- 7/32 drill bit and drill
- 1/4 x 20tpi tap and tap wrench
alcurb7 months ago

I almost cringed at the idea of gutting out such a classic, but the good side is that the camera has been given a new life and has been entered into the club of conversation pieces.

ccarpio21 year ago

lol good idea :P

Winged Fist3 years ago
This is really well done.. Great concept, execution and Instructable! And a very appropriate use of an old camera housing. One suggestion: You might want to consider doing something with the cable, along the lines of my new Instructable, "Steampunk USB Cable."
belti4 years ago
Nice one awesome.... from Malta europe. keepit up Buddy.
knife141 (author)  belti4 years ago
Thank you, and greetings from Texas, US!
velojym4 years ago
Hmm. I have an old bakelite Brownie in storage (until we finish moving). I plan to run a roll or two through it to see how well it works as-is, but maybe later a webcam would be a real nice mod for it.
mg0930mg4 years ago
Very cool. I think it's time for something to do with the printer. :)
knife141 (author)  mg0930mg4 years ago
Thanks for the comment! You know, I've thought about doing something with the printer, but haven't yet decided on what to do! I bulit my computer inside a vintage looking suitcase, put the speakers in a vintage looking speaker cabinet, and put the webcam inside an old camera --- yet the printer still looks all shiny & modern. Gotta think of something.....
A typewriter!
The room looks great. I'm sure you'll think of something.
foobear4 years ago
That is classy, keep up the good work.
Kudos! That's the best retro hack I've seen in a while.