There is a power shortage in where I live, so I manage to make a power back-up from some component I've already got and an old car battery.

This is how to make back up power from old car battery.

Old car battery still can store electricity so when my car needs a new battery I keep the old one, until the new battery getting old and need replacement. Of course the old battery is not as good as new one, so we have to charge it periodically.

This way it will make the use of the battery about 2 year long..... or until you have to replace your car battery with the new one...

Step 1: What We Need

- old car battery (of course)
- 24 hour timer
- car battery charger
- power inverter DC to AC

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BE&nbsp;CAREFUL! These batteries can leak if tipped over. They also emit toxic gases and are full of lead and acid. I think you should vent and enclose this if used for a long time.<br />
they don't admit toxic gas, they admit hydrogen and thats it
I beleve they emit hydrogen sulfide
Yes, thats why I put it on open air and away from our activities. Thx.
and then, can you run something that would normally run off electricity off of this?&nbsp; and if so, how does a battery like this get transformed so that it would power something that usually is powered by electricity?<br /> thank you so much!!!
today you can find INVENTER in any electric or hardware store. Inverter is a device that change 12V DC to 110/220V AC. Inverter doing a reverse process of transformator/adaptor.<br />
a good, solid and simple idea. What was the was the condition and cca rating on the batteries you used?<br />
When the battery on the car get difficulty to start up the engine, its time to replace the battery. Usually in 2 years time, but some times I use the battery charger to make it's life time longer (until 3 years). Then when I replace it with new one, I just keep the old one for this project...&nbsp;<br /> Then after 2 years, when battery on the car need to be replace, then I keep the on from car and get rid the oldest&nbsp; battery from the power backup...<br /> <br />

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