Old Crate Doggy Bed




Introduction: Old Crate Doggy Bed

Very simple yet effective doggy bed

Step 1: Find a Nice Large Crate

This is a crate used in the automotive industry so it was fairly clean already, I measured the first 3 slats up and just cut through the supports.

It was quite heavy so I had to call in the heavy lifters :)

Step 2: Smooth Edges

Use a belt sander to get rid of all those nasty edges and splinters.

Due to the look of the product I didn't do much more finishing with sandpaper after that.

Step 3: Staining

I had some left over stain from the TV unit so I didn't have to buy any , Also you can see by the pic that I called in the professional once again.

Step 4: Done

Fill it with a piece of foam cut to size and cover with their favorite blanket.

Total time : 1 Hour

Total cost: 0 ( Used old things I had from other projects)



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