Internet radios are great!  Even though I have and affinity for the old AM radios, they just can't match the massive selection of music (bluegrass!!) and news available on the internet.   I hooked my internet radio to a pair of computer speakers, and I like the little system a lot.  Since it sort of looked out-of-place, however, I decided to take on a project to make it look somewhat vintage.  This instructable is focused on building new speaker housings -- later on my plan is to modify the radio to match the speakers.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

I began by measuring the existing computer speakers, and then found a pair of oval pressed cardboard boxes at a craft store that the speakers would fit in.  These boxes are inexpensive -- I think I paid about $4 US for each of them.
Knife141 - I just purchased a retro vintage radio on eBay which would go perfectly with these speakers! You might want to look into a "Thomas Collector's Edition Radio," on eBay, (they come in a bunch of different styles), and using the case for your internet radio...
I may have to make a case like that. I like the style. Thanks for posting.
Great job! These are really nice looking speakers which certainly look like a throw-back to a bygone era. I think these might qualify as "Dieselpunk," or maybe more specifically "Decopunk." I also like the way you have repurposed the old Singed sewing machine table.
Thanks for the kind words! I got the idea from looking at photos of old speakers on google. I still need to tackle a housing for the radio. Thanks for the comment.<br>
Knife141 &ndash; A quick Google search for &quot;Art Deco Radio&quot; brings up a host of possibilities... You might want to consider something similar to this <a href="http://www.modernism.com/walter+dorwin+teague+american+art+deco+blue+mirror+sparton+radio/" rel="nofollow">Walter Dorwin Teague Radio</a>, which would lend itself nicely to a case for the type of radio you have in the picture.<br> <br> I would also suggest taking a look at the work of <a href="http://slipperyskip.com/page23.html" rel="nofollow">Jeffrey Stephenson</a>. HIs amazing Art Deco computers might give you some ideas for a radio cabinet which would suit these fine speakers.

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