I got a lot of old jeans I don't wear anymore.
So i guess changing and making it up to dates just me want to wear it now
and it's economy friendly ... i don't have to spend another 20 dollars or more on a new skirt!

Step 1: You'll Need...

1 pair of jeans
and a piece of fabric

Step 2: Step 1

You'll need 1 pair of jeans
a piece of fabric preferrbly a bit long

1. cut legs off below crotch of the jeans
2. eliminate hem on 2 leg, then cut out 2 long strips

Step 3: Step 2

3.sew the strips to make the suspenders

Step 4: Step 3

4. sew the suspenders onto the wrist of your jeans
5. sew the fabric onto the hems of the jeans skirt.

<p>Really like your drawings.</p>
<p>This sounds so simple and cute!! Definitely a must try!</p>
This is really cute!
I love this, finally a way to reuse old jeans in a way I might actually wear.
That is really cute, I have a pair of jeans that need some DIY care!
Very imaginative!&nbsp; Cute!<br />
&nbsp;thats awesome.&nbsp;

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