Introduction: Old Jeans to Stylin' Beanie

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In this Ible you will turn your old set of jeans thatdo not fit and/or are mutilated beyond repair into a fantastical new(old) beanie.

Step 1: Beanie Sections

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THe first thing we will do is to measure the circumference of your cranium, and by using complexe math we will determine a formula relating to us your actual brain capacity... or not. But we will use the diameter of your skull. Only to determine the diameter of your hat. And then we will divide that number by the number of sections you want to be in your hat. The more sections are in your hat the rounder it will be. I chose six because it is a nice even number and that is what most hats are made of. For me the diameter of my cranium was About 24 inches so that means(in case you can't do such complex math as this) that i will have four inch wide sections. you will also measure from the top of your head to were you want the hat to end and this will be the height of your beanie. (doh) so now we draw our form, we want the sides to be curved so that our hat is not a hexangular whatever. just trust me it is easier to have the curved sides. After we draw our pattern go back and add half an inch to ensure that your sections are the size you want when they get sewn together. Cut it out.

Step 2: Cutting Your Jeans

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Be sure that you left room for the sewing. Notice that i left a notch i the tip of my paper iron this is to ensure that the top of your hat does not have a "hump". Trace the pattern onto the jeans as many times as you have sections. Then cut them out including the notch and the half inch.

Step 3: SEWING!!!!!

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Put the sections together outside facing each other(meaning the side that you want seen you put towards each other. Sew one side together backstitching at the start and end to ensure that it doesn't unravel, Backstitching means that you stitch forward then back then forward again. do this to all of your sections until you come to where you must sew it together to create a complete article of clothing! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha..a... ha.. ha uh never mind. Oh sew it all together. Anyway you will have a mostly finished hat. One thing that you might consider is to iron the stitches flat before you sew on the next one.

Then your pretty much finished...........

Step 4: But There's More

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this is the beach bum me after i bleached and washed the hat so it looks definitively better than it did before


Maureclaire (author)2012-01-28

Has anyone ever told you you look like Prince William ?

Maureclaire (author)2012-01-28

When you say measure from top of head to how long you want it, do you mean top of head like the crown of your head (where your hair all goes out from), or center top of head ?

Dark JoJo (author)2008-10-07

man you are insane lol, what fabric are you using?.

999592 (author)Dark JoJo2008-10-07

uh...Denim...thats what jeans are made out of.

peacenique (author)9995922009-09-12

LOLOLOL! that was my reaction as well!!! "old jeans to stylin' beanie" thanks, the beenie is awesome and i have lots of wrecked jeans!

pdub77 (author)Dark JoJo2008-10-07


spiffytessa (author)2008-09-08

Beanie. xD I personally like touque a lot better.

999592 (author)spiffytessa2008-09-09

hmmm interesting

spiffytessa (author)9995922009-01-30

Sorry... Hahah that word makes me laugh.

999592 (author)spiffytessa2009-01-30

that sure took awhile...

dakellymon (author)2008-11-30

Thanks, I love the hat. I tried something like this but I always ended up with a funny tip at the top. I have to try your way of notching it. I'm going to try and make a hat with ear flaps and a longer hanging back side that keeps the snow out of you collar.

999592 (author)dakellymon2008-12-12

That would be an interesting improvement on a denim hat. Cool!

incorrigible packrat (author)2008-09-04

Nifty lid! Better change Step 1, where it says "diameter" to radius. Do it quick, lest the nitpickers get after ye.

Thank you but it's neither of these it's actually the circumference

Man, that's weird. I fully intended to type "circumference" as I was thinking circumference, and it came out, "radius". What was I thinking anyway? Perhaps I require a nice big slice of pi...

you know i should go get one of those too....

I like apple. Sometimes punkin. Lemon meringue only if it's not store-boughten. Please excuse the tardiness of my reply. I've been walking in circles for weeks...

for month and a half...

That's weeks, isn't it? Six of 'em. I've also been moving house, renovating said house, fixing $%#@ing rat's nest phone lines in order to get DSL working (fait accompli, as of today), etc. etc. etc.


Thank you for pointing it out i never would have caught it

Babyshoes (author)2008-09-03

With a bit of finishing of the raw edges, or fraying of the raw edges, this could be cool, but looks incomplete! Nicely put together though.

999592 (author)Babyshoes2008-09-03

I tried finishing the edge but it did not look as good as it did with the raw edge. Also I am going to use a bleach to put a design on it

canida (author)Babyshoes2008-09-03

Agreed, fraying the lower edge would look good, and is much easier than proper finishing.

Cryptonat (author)2008-09-03

Not a great looking item but a really well made instructable.

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