Old-school Vu Meter





Introduction: Old-school Vu Meter

Just a little project I did in between big projects....

It was made in 4 hours and cost absolutely nothing, ever part of this was coming from my scrapbox....
The housing is al old power supply and the electronics was donated from a old broken cassette player...

Gives a old school retro effect to your music and a pleasant unexpected light effect...



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    I am really sorry that I didn't make a instruct from this, there are multiple reasons for why I didnt do it... If I had known this before hand I would have made one... I promise I will make one next time... Sorry....

    Iam sorry, it was a go-in-between-project and normally I dont make instrut's about those.

    Especially in this case because I think that this was very simpel build..

    This looks really cool and I, too, would love to see the instructions on how it's made. It may be simple to you, but not everybody can just figure it out just by looking at pictures. The INSTRUCTable part of this site is the instructions on how to build such things. That way, we can learn by looking and reading how it's done and then trying it ourselves.

    I understand, and I could probably figure it out if I was going to build it (it's a decent idea, but I don't have a use for it), but I'm sure that it would be easier if you had instructions. ;)