Old Volvo Truck





Introduction: Old Volvo Truck

two forward and two back transmissions

differential and direction control


Step 1:

Step 2: Http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Differential-Version-2/


Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Steering Wheel

Step 6:



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    Its a nice build, and you've got the right idea with your gears, but I would just like to point out something (only as constructive criticism, no disrespect); your differential is essentially pointless in the manner you've set it up. The drive power should turn the gear housing of the differential to disperse the drive but still allow the wheels to move different amounts. What you have is direct power going to your rear right wheel (which allows it no deviance in speed), and since the dif-housing is free otherwise then the left wheel is thus free to do as it will. So in other words the same effect would have been obtained by putting direct power to one wheel, having no differential, and having the other wheel free to spin without power or gearing. The only thing it's doing right now is adding elements of friction to your overall mechanism.

    The fact you put it in is good though and shows you have an understanding that its important for any modern day car to have one. I encourage you to try again however as this is the best way to learn, and feel free to repost if you do. Best of luck!

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    I agree with you. Thank you very much for your comment. this differential is not my design. I saw it from someone else on this site. I made the same comment to him. but I did it to understand how the differential of the study. where you would connect the power from the engine if you did?

    As previously stated, the power must turn the housing itself, the box that holds the small gears that spin around each-other inside. But instead of me trying to describing it on here, a very informative video might give you a better representation :]
    Also after that its good to know why we also had to make whats called a 'limited slip differential' to compensate for a problem with the original one.
    And then if you wanna see something really cool and technical after that, check it these videos!

    I will try add video and instructions this weekend for you. Thanks