Olde Fashioned Teddy Bear


Introduction: Olde Fashioned Teddy Bear

About: I’ve been crocheting since my grandmother taught me when I was 9. I also quilt and make soap (but not as often). In addition to working full time in the non-profit sector, I’m also the Proprietress of the U...

This teddy bear is modeled off the old fashioned crocheted teddy bears my grandmother used to make.  This was back in the day when it wasn't all about tiny amigurumi critters with "safety eyes" but where everything was crocheted or embroidered, the critters were large and hugable, and they lasted!  (I still have my childhood crochet teddy bears sitting around the house, socializing with my cat.)  This is from a pattern of my own design.



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    He reminds me of one of those bears in the black and white Betty Boop cartoons! Very cute!

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    Thanks Metrica - I hadn't thought of those, but now that you say it I really see the resemblance :)  Marie