Oldest Trick in the Book: Waterhose Prank





Introduction: Oldest Trick in the Book: Waterhose Prank

I am very surprised that this is not on Instructables (well, as far as I know) yet. This by far the oldest trick in the book, and about the simplest way to get FANTASTIC pranking results.

What you need:

-Faucet that is both used by the public, and has a hose attachment.
-Clear tape or rubber band.

Clear tape is far more effective, because you can barely see it, but it may leave a residue on the handle.

PS. I just read that it has to be new and creative, so i guess I should have read the rules three times before making this.

Step 1: Wrap the Rubberband

Hold down the button, and while the button is held down all the way, start to wrap the rubberband around the whole handle. Twisk the rubberband, and wrap again. continue this process untill button can be held down without any other force.

For those of you using tape, just hold down the button and tightly wrap the tape around the handle. make sure it sticks.

Step 2: Aim and Set

Aim your water gun at wherever the target usually stands while using the faucet, or just the center of the sink. Even if you miss your target, the victim will still be scared silly by the oncoming water.

For an extra shock, run the cold water for a few seconds, and then shut it off. This way, even if they turn on warm water, they will still get a chilled blast, depending on how long after you set it they get blasted.

Remember to prank safely and have a happy April Fools Day!



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    new u can put tape under faucet then wait ans VOILA perfect prank for april fools day

    My parrents got mad thanks

    thats because your not supposed to let them no it was you try your best to keep a strait face

    So doing this prank at a hostel is not very nice....

    Or doing this to your wife is worse ehhh??

    This reminds me of the historic words of Justin Timberlake what goes around comes back around.

    Most new faucets can still be pranked like this.

    it can't be the 'oldest trick in the book' because the colonial times did not have these hose faucets. in fact, they did not have any faucets at all, but they DID have pranks.

    "This reminds me of the historic words of Justin Timberlake"!!?? I just facepalmed so hard i think i broke something.

    this is great! it's also in "the big book of boy stuff"