Olive Dippers




Introduction: Olive Dippers

You probably already know how to make these just by looking at the main photo, but here are instructions anyway.

Olives are delicious, but impossible to dip. When I was a kid, olives fit easily over my finger, but nowadays my fat man-fingers just split them apart if I try to do that.

I suppose that's what toothpicks or those little plastic swords are for, but with these olive dippers, you can eat the handle instead of throwing it away. Plus they look great.

All you need is:

-Knife and cutting board

Step 1: Chop Chop

Cut off the ends of the carrot.

Cut the carrot into two-inch (or so) long pieces.

Cut these into fourths lengthwise.

(If using baby carrots, which I don't like because they're slimy, just cut them into fourths lengthwise.)

Step 2: Stick N' Dip

Insert the carrot sticks into the larger hole of the olive.

They're done!

Eat lots of them; they're good for you.



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Slick idea! Do you have any favorite dipping sauces for your olive-carrot combination?

Yes sir, indeed I do. My dip-of-choice is hummus, made from this recipe but with a few modifications, including:
1. Added turmeric for color,
2. Added water to facilitate blending and dipping,
3. Made from dry chickpeas (soaked, salted, and cooked) so its fresher and cheaper,
4. ALWAYS doubled, because hummus is delicious, and
5. Only half as much garlic, to accommodate Yazzeldorf's more discerning palate.

Maybe another instructable is in order?