Olive Man and His Pimento of Justice!!!





Introduction: Olive Man and His Pimento of Justice!!!

I made this figure about a year ago. It is a superhero I call Olive Man. He has a Pimento of Justice which shines forth to destroy evil-doers. (OK it is really a 3 volt red LED hooked to a battery case and switch I got from a dollar store. The wiring was inspired by several LED flashlights I had seen here on Instructables).

Olive Man's head is a small ball I found in the backyard which I painted olive green. I mounted it on the body of an alien figure. I accomplished this via one of my favorite figure mod techniques. I use an awl to poke holes in the parts I want to join and then use a portion of paper clip as a support. Then add a dab of super glue to hold it together.

Then I used epoxy to secure Olive Man to the battery pack.



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    I like this, I might make a spin-off of this.

    Be sure to post it so we can see how Olive Man develops. Or would it Progeny of Olive Man? I'm envisioning an entire series of B-Movies.


    I wonder why i've never heard of him before...

    Olive Man lives in his creator's basement and hasn't bired a publicist or you know saved the world so he's not a household name...yet. :)

    I can't wait until that day!

    I love pointless cute stuff! :D

    Thanks. Now were you describing Olive Man or me?