Olive Wood and Resin Bar


Introduction: Olive Wood and Resin Bar

This was a piece I did for a private client. They wanted a bar for their home made out of Olive wood. The main challenge here was the amount of resin casting I had to do. It was a lot as you can see!



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    Agreed, what type of resin?Did you finish the wood with a waterproof/protective coat? If so, which one that is food safe? Osmo??

    Wow, this is fantastic. Very inspiring piece of work!

    I would love to read more details about how you did this. If you're inclined, spreading your photos out into a few steps and adding some descriptions of your process would be so awesome. I hope you'll consider doing that sometime! :)

    Love that you didn't dye the epoxy, looks real nice. That olive wood is really cool.

    Looks beautiful. what kind of resin did you use?