Ollivanders Wand Box With Free Templates!





Introduction: Ollivanders Wand Box With Free Templates!

Have you ever seen the harry potter movies? if you did you probably know that all wands come in a wand box. But where do you even get an empty ollivanders box for your own wands? Well here's how! Follow these easy to follow steps to make your very own wand box!

Step 1: Cutting Out the Lid and Base

Print my templates below and tape them onto cardboard and cut them out. Once you have cut out the lid and the base it is time to fold and tape. It is extremely difficult to fold cardboard against the corrugated lines. So to solve this problem, I took a hobby knife and I cut halfway through the cardboard on the fold lines and then folded over. I did not want a hot glue mess on my wand box so I took some really wide masking tape and taped it together on the sides and tucked the extra tape over the ends to hide the corrugated edges.

Step 2: Painting the Box

I bought some dark green spray paint and I painted both of the boxes and the inside of them, too. I let them sit outside for a day or so to get rid of that strong spray paint smell. You could also coat them with a gloss or flat clear finish to keep them nice and... green.

Step 3: Labels

Print out the labels template below and glue stick them on the box. Put the ollivanders logo right in the middle of the top of the lid. Put the number stamp things on the ends of the lid. Now you are finished! Happy harry potter day! 



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All de templates in the pdf are too small. Can I have them on real scale?

Have a Harry Potter party for my son tomorrow. any way to obtain these templates as free with out paying to become premium?

title says templates are free, but they are locked as a premium feature

how I print the templates ? It is free? Thanks