Picture of Olmo Desk
Olmo desk is a table thinked for designers and architects who works in small places.
Inspired by the Chinese boxes.
The 1:5 scale model is totally handmade.
Model dimensions: 12cm x 26 cm x 16 cm.
really would be gret if this was an instructable, just a tease now for the people that would like to make one, even the directions for the scale, i guess multiplies by 5 would work .
Anto.does (author)  escapefromyonkers1 year ago
yeah, the model's scale is 1:5!
I would love to see a full scale version of this.
smoak1 year ago
I must admit it is cool and would be an awesome desk to have to use, but it doesn't seem like much of an 'ible.
MadManStan1 year ago
I hate to ask but could you take a picture of the middle part where the desk rises on an angle I would greatly appreciate it since this is the only part im having trouble understanding how it works..
Anto.does (author)  MadManStan1 year ago
Yeah no problem!
the middle part of the desk was designed for a correct, with the correct angle of a laptop.
Its composed by 2 pieces linked together by 2 red leather strips.
under that 2 pieces we can find a layer of wood with a cavity that hold the smaller pieces in the "angled mode".
the bigger pieces (where the laptop can be placed) are linked at the rest with other 2 red leather strips, but you can see it only if made lots of attention,
it's clear now? :)
Anto.does (author)  Anto.does1 year ago
*was designed for a correct use of a laptop.
sorry for my bad english
crazy awesome. very cool.
CaseBoy1 year ago
i would buy this in a heart beat if this was real
jbrecken1 year ago
Are the rods in the legs indicating some sort of adjustable height?
Anto.does (author)  jbrecken1 year ago
It can be an improvement of the project!
cool idea!
ZaneEricB1 year ago
And to the lumber yard!
embochner1 year ago
this is freakin brilliant.
Anto.does (author) 1 year ago
thank you very much!
This is incredible!