Olmo Desk





Introduction: Olmo Desk

Olmo desk is a table thinked for designers and architects who works in small places.
Inspired by the Chinese boxes.
The 1:5 scale model is totally handmade.
Model dimensions: 12cm x 26 cm x 16 cm.



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    20 Discussions

    This is a fantastic design! :)

    Looks nice, but no information, and no construction pics. From 1-5 I give it 1.

    1 reply

    really would be gret if this was an instructable, just a tease now for the people that would like to make one, even the directions for the scale, i guess multiplies by 5 would work .

    1 reply

    I must admit it is cool and would be an awesome desk to have to use, but it doesn't seem like much of an 'ible.

    I hate to ask but could you take a picture of the middle part where the desk rises on an angle I would greatly appreciate it since this is the only part im having trouble understanding how it works..

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    Yeah no problem!
    the middle part of the desk was designed for a correct, with the correct angle of a laptop.
    Its composed by 2 pieces linked together by 2 red leather strips.
    under that 2 pieces we can find a layer of wood with a cavity that hold the smaller pieces in the "angled mode".
    the bigger pieces (where the laptop can be placed) are linked at the rest with other 2 red leather strips, but you can see it only if made lots of attention,
    it's clear now? :)

    i would buy this in a heart beat if this was real