Olympic Games Hand Art



Introduction: Olympic Games Hand Art

Celebrate the olympics and this year's games in Rio, with 2 different kinds of hand art designs: one with a tribute to the olympic rings, and one with a tribute to the Rio 2016 games!

Step 1: Olympic Rings Hand Art

The first hand art pays tribute to the interlocking olympic rings that were first created in 1912.

1) Paint your entire hand with white.

2) To make the rings, first paint a blue, black, and red in that order on the top row.

3) Now, for the last two rings that interlock, paint the yellow ring going into the blue and black rings. Finally, paint the green ring that goes into the black and red rings.

Step 2: Rio 2016 Logo Hand Art

The second hand art comes from observing the logo for the Rio 2016 games online.

1) First, begin by painting your entire hand with white.

2) Now, for the dancing people, start with a yellow person in the middle.

3) Then, add a green person to the right side, and a blue person on the left.

4) On the bottom, paint the words Rio 2016 in dark blue.

5) Finish with a little bit of darker colors on the dancing people to make them pop out, like orange on the yellow person, dark green on the green person, and dark blue on the blue person.

Step 3: Good Luck, Athletes!

Now, wish those athletes the very best with these unique sports-worthy hand arts!



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