This is an instructable for how to make a olympic weight. The parts are easily found in the bin.

Step 1: Materials

2 - Little bottles;
1 - A piece of PVC pipe with a internal diameter equal or next to the external diameter of the bootle (15 cm);
1 - Ground stone (2 kg);
1 - Some kind of glue;

1 - Saw;
1 - Heater (in my case, the stove );
1 - Something with a conical tip;

Step 2: Prepare the Handle

1 -With a saw, cut a piece of piepe with 15 cm.
2 - Sandpaper the borders.

Step 3: Prepare the Mortise's Cover

1- Heat the tip of the tube until it soften.
2 - With the help of something conical, widen the tip of the tub until fit the cover of the boobtle.
3 - Do it at the other side.

Step 4: Glue the Covers

1 - Glue the covers in the pipe.

Step 5: Fill the Bootles

1 - Fill the bootles with the rocks.

Step 6: Mount the Olympic Weight

1 - Screw the pipe in the bottles.
2 - If you prefer, fill the bootles with water to do it more weight.

Step 7: Exercise

This is excellent! I was curious if you knew approximately what weight these fail? (fall apart?) or if they do?
Hah. I thought the bottles were full of croutons at first. Interesting concept. When I was studying abroad and didn't have access to a gym I filled 2 litre bottles with water and strapped them together for some basic lifts. Stone might have been a better choice though. Much heavier than water.
I don't know, don't doubt the heaviness of water.
Um, olympic? Great ible for cheap weights, but I think superglue's tensile strength might fail under competition loads...
SUPERGLUE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU! The bottle might, though...
This is great for people who don't or can't buy weights, or get to a gym for that matter. I have alot of bottles laying around, luckily, so I'll be giving this a go. Thanks.
Great idea, and I can add weight later as I get stronger. Thanks for posting this :)
nice, although lead shot would probably work better, but that can be expensive
you could also try filling it with cement. my science teacher said that they used to fill old metal acetone cans with concrete and lift them with a steel bar (good cheap and effective). this is a really good idea though, great job.
You could keep the dirt from shifting by topping off with expanding foam.
Wow i'm impressed. Good work on the easy to follow instructable. I'm too cheap to buy my own weight set so this will sub right into my life perfectly.

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