Picture of Ombré Earrings
3D Art + earrings.JPG

I was working on a project that involved folding paper units, and later I realized that I had cut out and folded too many of them. Unwilling to waste paper, I decided to come up with something to utilize the excess, and this is what my imagination dreamt up, which is funny because I don't even have pierced ears. ^^ Even so, I had fun making these, and they look like the perfect present for one of my friends whose birthday is coming up...

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Step 1: Materials

  • origami paper
  • headpins OR wire (I'll show you how to make your own) (paperclips will work)
  • earring wires OR wire (I'll show you how to make your own)
  • pliers
  • OPTIONAL: beads
  • glue
  • pencil + ruler + scissors
  • box or book with a crisp, 90 degree angle

Step 2: Preparing squares

Picture of Preparing squares
photo 1.JPG

The units for this require squares of different sizes, and eight of each size. The side lengths of my sizes were 1.875 cm, 2.175 cm, 2.475 cm, 2.775 cm, 3.075 cm, and 3.375 cm. (The decimal places are because I had a few 1.875 squares already, and I just wanted each unit to be 3 millimeters bigger each size up.) The corresponding colors are progressively darker for larger sizes (so red is the largest size, white was the smallest).

Just use your ruler and pencil to draw squares for those sizes (for decimal places, eyeballing your ruler is fine) and you should end up with eight squares per size, 48 squares total.

Step 3: Folding units

Picture of Folding units
photo 4.JPG
photo 5.JPG
photo 6.JPG
photo 7.JPG
photo 8.JPG
photo 9.JPG

The units for this are fairly simple:

  1. Start with a square.
  2. Fold along one of the diagonals.
  3. Fold the sides inward to the diagonal crease from the previous step.

Make more of these using the squares that you cut, and you should end up with 48 units.

PinkBandar2 months ago

Its Simply Gorgeous!

watchmeflyy (author)  PinkBandar29 days ago

Thank you! :)

I love these! It's always cool to see people looking at ways of reusing materials and offcuts that come from projects. Thanks for posting it.

watchmeflyy (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thanks for your nice comment! I hate to waste paper so I wanted to come up with this way of using the extra pieces.

McClay141 year ago
Man earrings?
watchmeflyy (author)  McClay141 year ago

Ombré means that the colors are blended to have a fade-in effect. Hombre is Spanish for man. ^^