I love ombre and this method is a way to precisely control exactly how an ombre knits into a project. This Instructable covers dying the yarn, knitting it into a bag, adding a zipper and making studded leather handles. It don't go too deeply into the knitting, but it's just stockinette in the round so you don't need much experience to make it work.

I could have knit this then dip dyed it, but there are two reasons I'm glad I didn't. The first is that I really started to like the little variances in the yarn that were created by the ombre dying I did, and the second is that my yarn definitely shrank in they dying process so if I had dyed this post knitting it might have been smaller at the bottom than at the top.

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

- yarn - all plant or animal fibers, no synthetics (acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc.) - for this bag I used 2 skeins of Sugar 'n Cream
- dye - choose one that is labeled for use with your fiber, this is Dylon Fabric Dye in "Ocean Blue" (but be warned that it is a very purple shade of blue!)
- salt
- rubber gloves
- saucepan that won't be used for food again
- stirring spoon that won't be used for food again
- plastic bucket or similar container that won't be used for food again
- stove
- lots and lots and lots of water
- string for tying up the yarn (this will be thrown away, don't use anything great)
- ziplock bag
- timer/other method of tracking time
- appropriate drop cloths, aprons, and other protection for surfaces you care about
- 16 metal studs - these are 3/8 inch pyramids
- 12 inch zipper
- 2 by 36 inches of leather
- utility knife
- size 6 US double pointed or round knitting needles
- dull sewing needle
- sharp sewing needle
- sewing thread to match the zipper/yarn
- pins
- rulers

Your yarn can be white like this is, or it can be another color that you'll be adding a color over, it's up to you!
<p>Can you imagine I ran around and asked knitting-enthusiast whether there is a yarn-producer offering ombre-shades in terms of skein-colours!!? Now I got to know how to do-it-myself, since I do have earlier experience in natural dying of yarn :) Made my day!</p>
Interesting technique. I had at first thought you had knitted the whole bag and ombre dip-dyed it, but as you mentioned, this gives better control. Great work!
Wow! I love the handles on this one - they look so great with the blue. :)

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