Step 4: Knitting

This bag is about 12 by 14 inches, flat, and large enough for a wallet, book, bottle of water, and a few other basics. If you want a larger bag add another skein of the sugar and cream, if you want a bag that is sturdier consider knitting it in linen stitch instead (linen stitch does use more yarn, so you'll want at least 3 skeins.)

My gauge was 20 stitches = 4 inches and 20 rows = 3 inches. I cast on 120 stitches and knit in the round until I ran out of yarn. Be sure to leave a long enough tail at the beginning to sew up the bottom because the yarn is custom dyed. When I cast off I wove my tail in around the cast off edge to give it a bit more strength.
<p>Can you imagine I ran around and asked knitting-enthusiast whether there is a yarn-producer offering ombre-shades in terms of skein-colours!!? Now I got to know how to do-it-myself, since I do have earlier experience in natural dying of yarn :) Made my day!</p>
Interesting technique. I had at first thought you had knitted the whole bag and ombre dip-dyed it, but as you mentioned, this gives better control. Great work!
Wow! I love the handles on this one - they look so great with the blue. :)

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