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So this look is quick and really easy to do. all you will need is a lipstick and eye shadow :) This is the in thing that seems to be going around right now and I had to try it. This does seem to be a reverse take on it but i loved it and hope you do to.


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So first what you are going to want to do is just apply your lipstick. I used a plum purple colour. I found that not using a matte lipstick would be better so that the eye shadow will stick to the lipstick better :)

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The I went in with a blue eye shadow and tapped it onto the center on the bottom and lower lip and blended it out so you don't have a random chunk of colored lip on your lip.

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I then go in with a translucent powder on the rest of the lip. or the part that is purple. I did this because applying the eye shadow made the lips matte and to blend it all in together i needed the purple matte too.


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Bio: i have a youtube channel and love to share my ideas :)
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