Introduction: Omelet in Zip Lock Bag

How to Make Omelet in Zip lock bag

Step 1: Egg

Picture of Egg

Take the zip lock bag and add 3 eggs

Step 2: Shaking

Picture of Shaking

and shaking and shaking

Step 3: Ingredients

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Add ham, cheese and green meat

Step 4: Сooking

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To tie a zip lock bag and boil for 10 minutes

Step 5: Completed

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Delicious omelette. Fast and easy! Thanks for watching)


Pumuggel (author)2017-05-31

That's a great idea for outdoor/camping use if you only have a pot and do not want sticky, burned egg you have to clean from the bottom of the pot. This way you could easiely boil water for your coffee and cook your omelette at the same time, thus saving fuel and time.

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