Introduction: Omelet

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What you will need: -Eggs ( As much as you want but REMEMBER!! The more eggs the harder it is to flip and you will need a bigger spatula and bigger frying pan!) -Bowl -Fork -You can add anything to you're Omlet that YOU like -Butter -Butter knife -Small Spatula -Small Frying pan

Step 1: Omelet

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Crack you're eggs in a bowl. Like I said try not to go over 4 eggs.

Step 2: Whisk It

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Whisk it with you're fork till the eggs are combined and frothy

Step 3: Butter

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Take out a stick of butter and a butter knife.

Step 4: Cut a Slice of Butter

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Cut a small slice of butter. If the slice is to big cut in half like so.

Step 5: Butter on Frying Pan

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Put butter on frying pan and coat pan with butter.

Step 6: Pour

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Pour eggs on frying pan and wait till the Omelet starts to bubble.

Step 7: Add Ingredients

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Add anything you like in you're Omelet! Ham, cheese, tomatoes, etc. But don't take long. Tip: Take out what you want in you're Omelet and put it on the side before you start making the Omelet.

Step 8: Flipping

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As the eggs start to bubble flip one side to the other with small spatula. I like to think it looks like a taco shell.

Step 9: Flip It Again

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To make sure you're Omelet is cooked on the other side pick it up from one side and look under the Omelet. If it looks crispy, flip it over to the other side!

Step 10: Serve It

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Once again pick up the Omelet on one side with the spatula and check if its crispy enough for you. When it is turn off stove, pick up Omelet with spatula put on plate and serve!


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firedawg3996 (author)2013-08-01

Good Job, but it's spelled omelet.

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