Sometimes you could find useful let your flash still in a place and take your photos all around. This is pretty true in case you're making a 360° panoramic photo. You can't move your light source from a shot to the other because in assembly process you'll see the differences in the shadows.
You'll work better with a slave-flash, but also a cable connected one is good. Then you need a diffuser to make the light reach all 360° around you. You can build it yourself, ops you have to built yourself, because I think it doesn't exist! ...if it doesn't exist it shouldn't be so useful, you say... right, or maybe I'm a genius! ;-)
Anyway, this is what Instructables is intended to, let's build it!

Step 1: The Glittering Container

You're lucky because you can use the same container which is part of the Flash Grid Snoot (and after the efforts you had to put into finding it among all the hand soaps it's better it attends to something else).
Sorry if I post some images you've already found on the other tutorial... I could have posted all in one, but I though it also could became annoying.
This is awesome, gonna give it a try soon!

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