So I happen to be blessed with a very creative 7 year old nephew whos favorite thing to do is play pretend. He loves to play dress up and could spend hours entertaining him self with his imagination.  So this year for Christmas we decided to give him another venue for pretend.  My brother and parents bought and array of Puppets and my job was to come up with a place to perform.  I looked on the web for ideas and instructions and although I found pictures similar to what I wanted to make no one said how they did it so i decided a nice little instructables would help all little future puppeteers in their endeavors.

It uses an extension Rod and fits i a standard door frame.
You will see pictures pulled from two projects the First is the one I made for my nephew and the second is one I made for my cousin Bear after she fell in love with little J's.  The instructions will talk more about how I did the second one as I made more mistakes with the first one trying to figure out the best way to make it.

Step 1: Step 1: Deciding How Much Fabric You Will Need to Buy

1. First measure the door it will most likely be used in (an interior doorway is best)
My door was 80.5” x 32”
You will need to add a pocket at both ends of the length so add  4.5 inches (85)
You will add thick hems with rod pockets to the width so add 3 inches. (35)
Now determine how many yards of fabric you need by dividing the inches by 36 round to nearest 1/4 yard.  (2.5 yards)

2. For the Opening: Decide how big you want the hole to be.  Its rather arbitrary I’m sure but consider how big your puppets are and how much space you might need on the edges before the fabric is too flimsy. 
Our puppets range from 12’-18” So I decided on 24 because its twice the size of the majority of our puppets, and it leaves a good 4 inches on the edges.
So take your window size and add 4 inches to the height (28)and the width will be the width of the door plus .5” for hems(32.5)
I Made mine out of coordinating fabric but it could match if you want.  

3. What about decoration?
I made a simple ruffle on one and some curtains. 
The second has a Top curtain with some tulle, opening curtains and a bottom swag decoration
Their are two curtains  4 inches taller than the hole and wide enough to cover the hole when closed.  So I just used the 28” and 1/2 the width of the fabric . 
The ruffle was 6 inches wide by 45”
and the panel is 10 x 32.5
making for a total of 40 inches

Add this to your hole fabric and then divide by 36 ((40+28)/36)=1.83 I rounded to an even 2 yrds

So there you go to make one Identical to mine you will need 2.5 yards of a main color and 2 yrds of a coordinating fabric. 
I also bought 2 yards tulle.

4. For my second one I realized that my second color showed through the white of my main fabric so I used a piece of lighter fabric I had lying around. 

This is awesome! Easy to do, nice instructions and an adorable result. And I'll bet it makes the kids feel really "professional" to have a proper stage with curtains. Lucky nephews.

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