Once Boring Run of the Mill Jewelry Box





Introduction: Once Boring Run of the Mill Jewelry Box

I bought a stand alone jewelry box at my local retail gint and thought to myself, this could use some bling bling....So when I got it home, my rather very handy dandy mate put it together for me and thus began the visions of what can I do to thing to make it appealing....I rummaged through my arts and crafts supply and decided on the now discontinued paint by Martha Stewart textured metallic paint called "hard frost" it's a rough feeling silver paint that has a gritty texture to it. I threw that on with a 3 inch sized all purpose paint brush...added some foam scrapbook decor to the sides and bing bang boom a once boring jewelery box to a eye catching box. took me about 45 min. total from start to finish.

Step 1: To Have on Hand....

Put jewelry box together, gathered newspaper for possible spills, paint, paint brush and brush cleaner. put box on top of newspapers in case of possible painting accidents, use brush to add paint on to your project, make sure you get every corner and cranny. Paint box and add decor of you like, I added some foam stickers typically used for scrap booking for extra bling then set aside for dry rime...about 30 min for lite touch to move box to its spot. & There ya have it boring Ole box to bling bling box for most of my jewelery.

Step 2:



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So shiny! :)

Thanks for sharing your upgraded jewelry box!