Picture of One Cent Arrowhead
intro: in this instruct-able, I will show you how to make an arrowhead for one cent. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Step 1: Gather Materials
you will need
1 Hammer
1 Set of scissor-like incredibly strong  cutting device. (must be able to cut a penny)
1 Penny
Vice (semi-optional, you can probably get it to work without, but it makes life easier)
flat head screw driver

Step 2: Making the arrow head

Picture of making the arrow head
       use the hammer to flatten the penny as thin as possible without tearing the metal
besides making it sharper it work hardens the metal, making it stronger.
      cut the penny into a sharp wedge shape, about 30 degrees.

Step 3: Making the arrowhead 2

Picture of making the arrowhead 2
Cut of the round bottom of the arrowhead.

Step 4: Making the notches for attachment

Picture of making the notches for attachment
Using the Flathead like a chisel, make to notches on either side of the arrowhead to wrap string through for the attachment to the shaft

Step 5: Sharpening

Picture of sharpening
using the whet stone sharpen the edges at about a 27 degree angle. pay special attention to the tip. 

now your ready to attach the arrowhead.
rockgod13 years ago
useless and non practical, couldn't last a through even 1 target if you could by some means attach it to an arrow.
im sorry to correct you on what you think you know, but if it is attached properly, using the old cordage and pine method, it is very functional
Well, how exactly do you put the arrowhead to the arrow?
i use cordage since thats the purpose of the notches, then dip it in a little bit of pine tar, and cook the the tar with fire, if done right you get a VERY sturdy arrow tip
not a arrow head!
i learned how to do this in boy scouts it works just fine
jschultz93 years ago
ouch what did you hammer that on, concrete? find a smooth metal surface to hammer on and it'd be easier to shape.