Step 2: A Penny Saved Is...whats a "Penny"???

For all you out there using Cubit's a penny is a form of currency used by us members of the Thirteenth Tribe. Ok with that out of the way go ahead and get yourself a penny. Place the penny on your anvil or anvil like surface, hammer the coin until you remove the facing from it . Make sure you make even hits as you hammer. Flatten the coins as much as you can to make the next steps easier. If you go to far the edges will start to crack and tear.

I took a slightly different approach; I cut my tags from pieces of sheet brass, copied the pattern with the rub-on, then engraved it using a dremel. I am quite pleased with the results. Images forthcoming.
Please share the images.
Half way though1982 The US mint started using 97.5% zinc core cents with 2.5% copper coating... if you were to use a penny from 1981 or before (still in circulation) the coin is composed of 95% Copper and 5% zinc (zinc just to make it stronger), The color of the cent is the same all the way though. The 1981-below pennies are also more mailable and will flatten easier... When you sand and drill your hole you will not have a zinc (shiny silvery) color, and it will look much more authentic. In a roll of pennies you will find about a third of the content to be copper cents. To test the 1984 cent.... just flick it like you are doing heads or tails. You can hear the ring of a 1981 pre cent (I think it is 12khz). The new zinc imposters barely make a sound at all. It is sad.... To cover my bases... I assume no one is trying to do this to a wheat cent 1909-1958 but in 1943 a steel cent was created and is not 95Cu-5Zn composition.
This is beyond AWESOME
so... &quot;Hammer<br>A Penny<br>Anvil or Anvil like surface<br>Sandpaper<br>Tin snips or a good pair of scissors<br>Rub on Transfer Paper<br>Drill or Dremel<br>Small sheet of paper<br>X-acto knife<br>needle-nose pliers&quot;<br>all cost 1 cent when you put the costs together?(including the penny)
yep, cause I already had all the items. <br>
Love it!

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