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This guy was all done freehand so unfortunately I don't have a template to upload.

I have a few pointers:

Don't cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin, when you light the candle inside, the 'lid' dries and starts to shrink, eventually falling in. If you cut the bottom off, the pumpkin will always be level, you can light the candle on the plate and then place the pumpkin over the top like a shade.

I drew my design on before cutting, I found a sharpie was the best pen for this.

I started by making all of the through cuts first, then I made shallow cuts and removed the skin for the areas I wanted to glow.

All of my shaping was done with a desert spoon, the bowl of the spoon is great for removing large chunks and the tip of the handle is perfect for detail.

Hop you like it...


Left-field Designs (author)2016-10-21

I needed to carve something that wasn't scary for our toddler. I forgot to mention that you need to make a small hole in the top to let the heat out but it is much tidier

voodoopunchie (author)2016-10-21

Wow he's super cute, well done you! A great tip about cutting the bottom, too, I never thought of that.

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