Picture of One Handed Card Break
A one handed break that I made-up when I was in Junior High School. It could be the "official" way to do it, or it could be really poor form. I wanted to do a one handed cut, and there was no Internet to search back then, so I had to figure it out for myself.

Turns out it's a slight variation on one posted by FrenchCrawler about a year ago, so I must not have been very far off the mark.

Step 1: Hold the Cards

Picture of Hold the Cards
Take all the cards in one hand. Hold them with your four fingers (assuming you have four) along the back of the deck, and your thumb on the other side. You want to just bearly get the tip of your fingers over the top of the deck.
zetlin6 years ago
its good but i think i tore my cards to much throwing it at vent >.< will get a better deck overall nicely written and demonstrated by the pictures i think its hard to show card tricks in pictures so good job
mrmath (author)  zetlin6 years ago
psyoper227 years ago
hmmm, i'm definitely going to try this. Awesome.
AT8 years ago
Nice! I have been doing something like this for year (with my left hand though). A couple years ago I broke said hand and have been working on things like this to get back some of that lost flexibility. The way I end up doing it is pushing from under the deck and running my thumb down from the top of the deck to about the middle. Then letting the bottom half drop. I'll have to try it your way to see if my poor broken fingers can do it this way.
Much better photos then mine
mrmath (author) 8 years ago
By the way, Junior High School was over 20 years ago, not last week.
PKM mrmath8 years ago
That's certainly the break I was taught by a friend who was very into his card magic. If you know the two-handed version (where the deck is split into quarters, 1-2-3-4 becoming 2-1-4-3, if you see what I mean), an Instructable on that might go down well as I believe it's one people have problems with.
mrmath (author)  PKM8 years ago
Don't know the one you're talking about. Did the one your friend showed you include the pinky thing? Like I said, I figured this out myself (only becaues it was before the Internet), and added the pinky to solve the problem of the bottom card sliding out.