Picture of One Handed Card Fan
This is a simple card fan that can be done with only 1 hand that you can learn in a few minutes.

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Step 1: Holding

Picture of Holding
Hold the deck of cards in your hand with your thumb on the bottom corner.

Step 2: Fan

Picture of Fan
Spread your thumb along the cards making sure the cards come with it.

Step 3: Done

Now go and impress your friends.
Nicholas G.4 years ago
yellow elephant (author) 7 years ago
video coming soon
Re-do the video please, the lighting is REALLY bad.
yellow elephant (author)  reedz7 years ago
yeah i know. i'll do it ASAP. sorry about that.
It's fine, it's a fairly good instructable
Awesome! Looks easy to do. Unfortunately I won't be able to do this at school because all my friends PLAY with the cards.