One Handed Cutting Knife





Introduction: One Handed Cutting Knife

The knife is designed for people who suffer from some kind of hand function problems (e.g amputees, cervical nerve injury, elderly, general weakness) and have difficulties cutting their food.

The shape of the blade is designed so it goes under the hand, this way exploiting the power from the entire arm when cutting.

This project was done during Industrial Design studies at HIT- Holon Institute of Technology, in collaboration with "Fixperts" organization.

Design: Nadav Meir & Eran Zarhi

Step 1: General

Step 2: Download CAD Files

see attached files

Step 3: Blade Manufacture

*an old saw blade can be used, this can spare the metal tempering stage

Step 4: Handle Manufacture

Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: Assembly

Step 7: All Done!



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Can this be purchased anywhere already assembled???? The person needing it only has 1side of their body that is functionable. Thanks.
Email info to : Helen Basco


That's an interesting knife design, you could get more force behind it for cutting through tougher things. :)