Step 4: Test, Deploy

Picture of Test, Deploy
Now here's the fun part: plug your apparatus into your PC, and see what it does.

In most cases you should be able to use your new device right alongside your "normal" keyboard, as long as you've got the ports (mine is USB, but a PS2 would work, too).

If the test is successful, package it up and call it complete!

I glued an F1 key to my device (from the donor keyboard, of course), and even though it  will be stashed away inside my kiosk and never be seen, I like the idea that the F1 key is in there, silently advertising its silly purpose...

Thanks for reading!

Mike Craghead

Cool instructable dude!!! Never even thought about trying this with a kby. I'm gonna go try this for my custom gaming kby. Shot!!
cspoelstra4 years ago
Thanx man! This was really what I needed to see, I'm currently building a cheap controller for my DJ software.. I think this will work just fine!