One Man Works While Another Relaxes.





Introduction: One Man Works While Another Relaxes.

About: Amateur woodworker with a passion for all things creative.

Quick and fun project to brighten up the bookshelf.

The part list could not be simpler;

  1. x4 - 200mm long pallet wood boards.
  2. X2 - Wooden Artists Mannequin £5 each.
  3. Varnish.

  4. Loctite.

  5. It really is that simple.

Step 1: Glue and Screw.

Step 2: Varnish & Done.

Two coats of varnish ensuring to sand in between each coat, and your all done. Overall really happy with this and it does brighten up a bookshelf.

The best part is that their homemade and original.

Appreciate any feedback and comments.




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    This will be the birthday gift for my brother. Thanks for the great idea.

    1 reply

    Glad I could help. Thanks.

    Cool ! I painted the working man red and the resting man blue. Looks so good!

    very cool, nice work! creative...

    what wood did you use to get enough weight to hold the books up?

    3 replies

    Thanks, its just pallet wood as I had some left over from another project.

    Ok, just asking because a couple of years ago i tried a similar thing, but made the mistake of using MDF and of course it didn't have the weight to hold any books up... don't ask why i didn't realize it wouldn't first!

    Thanks, its just pallet wood as I had some left over from another project.

    Thanks for the comment, don't forget to vote for me. Cheers.

    Thanks, appreciate it.

    Great idea. I really like it. I think I'm going to do it with a small mod. I'll post when I'm done. You got my vote

    1 reply

    I wanted to keep it really simple, which is why I glued and screwed it together. Very interested to see what you do and look forward to seeing it. Thanks.

    Thanks, really appreciate the comment.

    Forgot to mention if you like it, would really appreciate a vote in the hand tools only contest. Thanks.