Introduction: One Matchbox Car, One Transformer

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As a kid, I loved playing with toy cars. But when I first learned about transformers, I wished I had my own transformer, not a small, puny toy car. Recently, I was in a toy shop and saw these matchbox cars that transformed into transformers. At first I thought, "Wow, these are awesome!" But then I relized that these were cheap things that would break in a day, and man, were they expensive. So I decided to make my own.

In this instructable, I will show you how to take a simple matchbox car, and transform it into an awesome action figure transformer robot.

Step 1: Materials

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You don't need much for this project.

- Matchbox Car
- Glue (J-B Weld, Super Glue, and Hot Glue work well)

- Hacksaw
- Needle Nose Pliers (helpful, but not necessary)

Step 2: Get a Matchbox Car

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First things first, you need to acquire a matchbox car. Buy it, find it, garbage pick it, steal it, I don't care (well, don't steal it), just get one. It should be pretty big (like a truck or something), and make sure it is metal. Also, you want it to have a bunch of cool parts. Try to visualize what the transformer will look like when you see the car.

Step 3: Cutting

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Next, grab a hacksaw and cut the car into a bunch of parts and pieces. I also used needle nosed pliers to help take the car apart. This is actually a lot easier than it seems, it only took me about one hour.

Step 4: Visualizing Your Transformer

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Put the pieces together to form an idea of what your transformer will look like. Make sure you have legs, arms, a body, a head, and some sort of weapon(s). This is helpful to do before you start glueing

Step 5: Glueing It Together

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Glue the pieces and parts together. I used J-B Weld, but other things will work fine. Make sure you wait for the glue to dry.  

Step 6: Play!

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First, make sure to name your transformer. Give him/her a good name (Latin words are always fun). I named mine Mortem Lator. Then decide if it is going to be an autobot (good guy), decepticon (bad guy), or something else. I wanted mine to be an outlaw/vigilante, but I guess it would be more of an autobot. After it's all done; make some more, invite some kids over, and then have an epic war. These are the perfect toy: tough, sturdy, durable, cool looking, and fun. 

Why are you still reading? Start building and make your own One Matchbox Car, One Transformer! Place a picture of your transformer (made out of one car) in the comments below and get a free digital patch (while supplies last).


ShilpaAtwaal (author)2016-05-27

! really nice

Howto246 (author)2015-03-22


DeceptibotX (author)2012-03-25

An idea for being able to make ones that transform are rubber or hinges for the joints, and position it in a way that it can transform easily.

Plo Koon (author)2012-01-03

sorry about duble cominting, but i would like to say that not very many instructubles that ive seen are as good as this. me give ya good rating =)

Plo Koon (author)2012-01-03

that is cool i never thought of that before

mg0930mg (author)2011-07-10

So, this isn't really a real transformer?

splazem (author)mg0930mg2011-07-10

It depends on what you mean by that. No, it does not go back from a robot to a car, and then back to a robot. But it does look similar to a transformer, so it's up to you to decide on that.

mg0930mg (author)splazem2011-07-10

It's more of a robot made from a chopped-up car. A transformers toy would be one that can go from a robot to a car, and back again. I like it, it's just not a transformer in my eyes. :(

splazem (author)mg0930mg2011-07-11

I agree, but if I called it a chopped a car robot, it wouldn't make much sense. Besides, it would be extremely difficult to make it go from a car to a robot and then back again. So I made it look like the robot form of the transformer, and in my opinion, that's good enough.

Kaptain Kool (author)2011-07-06


splazem (author)Kaptain Kool2011-07-10


tinker234 (author)2011-07-05

does it transformer

splazem (author)tinker2342011-07-05

No, unfortunately. That would be very hard to do, but I am working on it!

sunshiine (author)splazem2011-07-06

Nice job though!

splazem (author)sunshiine2011-07-06


tinker234 (author)splazem2011-07-05

ok thanks

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