Step 7: Safety and accessories

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if you DIE, I am not responsible, YOU took this on at your own risk
drowning is very possible in the device, I suggest using it in a pool first, using it with an adult, and doing primary tests unmanned.

SUFFOCATION IS ALSO A HUGE SAFTY RISK, limit dives to no more than five minutes, and be sure to get fresh air into the chamber between dives.

EMBOLISM: the popping of your lungs. always exhale while ascending.

for accessories, I would say: cellphone/ walky-talky in a jar, emergency air supply (compressed air in a bottle), timer fo watching dive times. goggle or mask, knife for cutting ropes and freeing weight if situation becomes dire.

copper tube4 years ago
so complicated...
GpaSteve4 years ago
I agree this could be dangerous. But use common sense. There are far more dangerous tutorials on this site.
I do think this is a very cool instructable.
If I had found this when I was younger I would have one of these.

Again, no mater what the instructable is, use some common sense.
Neovenetar5 years ago
why not add a tube to the surface? similar to old fasioned diving suits so you have an unlimited supply of air
Kelticfox5 years ago
Potential flaw: Carbon Dioxide. If I remember my high school science (as it was a long time ago) we breath 21% O2, use 4% normally and exhale 16% O2 and an additional 4% CO2. Now this is all fine and well, but how are you going to stop Carbon Dioxide poisoning? I know you say to limit your 'dives' to 5 minutes, but your breathing OUT a higher concentration of CO2 over time. I was always under the impression that one of the initial symptoms of CO2 poisoning is going 'Do Lally'. My advise (if you simply MUST do this) is to compensate enough ballast to completely submerge a FULL barrel of air, and pump air in through a hose via a oil less compressor. This will obviously cause air escape at the bottom but would probably be a whole lot safer (it would work akin to the full face helmets that people use whilst swimming in the tropics and have no scuba experience). My personal opinion is not to try this. There are simply too many variables you can't control.
Morriscow5 years ago
 just to clarify: USE COMPRESSED O2