One Petal Daisy





Introduction: One Petal Daisy

I made this pendant for my wife with the idea “he loves me, he loves me not”. This last petal says “he loves me”. My wife says it's too weird. And so, she loves it not.

The center is brass from a compression fitting. The petal is nickel from a 5 cent coin. The stem is steel wire.



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    I got the pendant two days ago in the mail and it's even better in person. Thank you so much!

    Great! I'm glad you like it. Your very welcome.

    Before I even read who made this indestructible I knew it was you (Like with Kiteman). You always have this sleek elegant style to your creations and clean pictures. Thanks for another build and I look forward to more.

    i love your creative thinking. at first i thought the stem of the daisy was too long but after looking at the pictures, it is sexy the way it leads to the clevage. so a mans eyes would go there.

    If "Idle hands are etc, etc" You are pleanty safe..YUP.!

    I love it - it's a shame your wife doesn't. Send it to me:-)

    I love it. How did you work the coin into the petal shape? About how many petals could you get from one coin? I see the tube shape & assume that's the compression fitting, but did the flower's center also come from this fitting?

    I hammered the coin flat and then cut out the petal with shears. You could probably get 3 petals from one coin. That tube is actually a piece of nickel rolled up. Only the center of the flower is the fitting. I cut the wall of the fitting and hammered the ring open until it was a strip. I cut the circle out of that strip.

    OK, I see it now. I've been looking for cone nose pliers & the high grit sandpaper / polishing compound you talk about. Can you recommend sources?

    Michaels sells the pliers. I recently learned they're better known as round nose pliers. The high grit sand paper is in the auto section at walmart. The rubbing compound is in the same isle.