This easy make ukulele is a perfect travel size and it's base is just one piece of wood. This is the perfect project if you have an afternoon off and want to make a cool creative ukulele.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable the supplies needed are:

- Block of wood 1×4×16
- Fishing Line
- Large toothpicks or wire for the frets
- Steel or copper tube 4×1/2
- 2 Bic round stic pens
- Ukulele tuning pegs or
you can be creative and make your own tuning pegs like my k'nex ones

- Drill
- Coping Saw
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Pen(this one for writing with)
- Strong multi-purpose glue (gorilla glue or super glue)
- Sandpaper
- Hot glue gun
<p>how does it sound?</p>
Wouldn't it be better to use some kind of resonator like an oil can or something to make a better sound
If you are going to the effort of making this you should space the frets properly to be able to play a tune. <br>Measure the scale length. That is the maximum length of the string between the points where it is touching. Divide this figure by 17.817 and that is the distance to the first fret. Subtract this distance from the scale length and, again, divide the remainder by 17.817. That will be the distance to the second fret, and so on up the fretboard.
<p>Make a video of what you are talking about</p>
This is important info, and might make this an interesting project for a very portable uke. <br> <br>Fishing line won't be the best string, either, though there's not much for a sound board -- what would you suggest?
Gotta hear it! Where's the youtube video....? <br> <br>Thanks for the project!
Hi, cool idea but could use a little more information ie size of tuner bay and distance from end, a pattern or pdf of fret location for those who have no experience with fret location, and lastly should there not be a nut at the end where the strings are threaded from?
This is really neat! Do you have a video on how it plays?
What test is the fishing line that you used?
The exact fishing line i used was omniflex monofilament 6lb fishing line. it was under 3 bucks at walmart, but any monofilament fishing line will sound almost the same.
do you have a video or sound file of how it sounds?
Since its homemade you can space them based on your hands, but the largest spacing on mine was an inch and it got to the 12 smallest fret 1 centimeter apart
Cool looking 'ible. How far apart should the frets be?
I can't tell how you attached the strings, at either end. Could you add more details/photos? <br>
Thank you for commenting. I actually just tied the fishing line in the holes at the head and wraped it around the body and tied the line to the tuners. <br>
Great job!!!

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