One Pot Beef Stew


Introduction: One Pot Beef Stew

Watch this video on my youtube channel for all instructions :) Enjoy the meal.

Here are the ingredients:

2 large pieces of beef

7-8 carrots

6 small onions

2 big onions

1 large red pepper

4-6 potatoes

13-14 cherry tomatoes

A pinch or two of salt

A small bunch of sage


Step 1: Wash Your Veggies

You can do this any way that suits you best I like putting them in a strainer so that they don't get too soggy then let them air dry a little

Step 2: Cut Your Veggies Up

Cut all your veggies up apart from the cherry tomatoes and small onions, this will give the stew more flavour :)

tip: Make sure you take the skin off your onions

Step 3: Cut Your Beef Into Chucks

Once cut put the chucks on top of your veggies

Step 4: Finally Top Your Pot of With Water

Make sure that you don't cover all your ingredients though, so that the stew isn't too watery.



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    One pot meals are such a time saver! I would love to see some step-by-step photos and written directions to go along with your video!

    1 reply

    Thanks, will get to doing that now :)