Our house doesn't has many cupboards, and not many walls either were you can place one, and I'm a person who keeps everything because you never know what comes in hand. My family sometimes calls me a hamster. Now do I hate hamsters but I like to hoard so it became time to get an other cupboard. Ordering one wasn't an option for my family made a special rule for me, which by the way is very reasonable otherwise we need a bigger home to store my trash. According to the rule: 'one in at least one out', I had to find a a way to make myself a cupboard with stuff we had. Luckily I kept all the paper of the removal the year before, I saved bottle caps and had some painters tape left but no boxes. Prayers to Aegir he made my hubby loves beer, so more often then normal I asked him: 'sweetie do you like an other beer?' All the way it still took me 3 months before I had enough boxes. The only thing I had to smuggle into the house was a lot of glue. If I didn't had to buy this, the cost of this cupboard was $0.00.

Step 1: What You Need

Time, more time then I expected.

Boxes, the number of boxes depends on how big you like to make your cupboard, try to find sturdy not to big one. I used beer boxes but others are fine too.
Paper for paper mache, I used wrapping paper but you can also use newspapers.
Colored paper for finishing touch or paint if you like.
Plastic bottle caps for shims.
Wooden slats, from pallet or left overs from an other project.
Carton cylinder, sturdy one.
Painters tape and/or glue sticks (not pictured).
Glue, you can make your own with flour and water, there are several recipes on the internet but be sure it dries completely otherwise you get mildew. Because of the rainy season when it is hard to get things dried properly some times I choose for better save then sorry and bought white paper glue and diluted it 50/50 with water.
Quick drying clear enamel spray (not pictured).

Glue gun
Hole puncher
Stanley knife
<p>wow....awesome....this would help in storing all my craft items.....thank u ....</p>
You can easily give it any form you like. I put medium weight things in it. If you want to put real heavy things in it just give the shelf an extra layer of carton and the whole cupboard two or more layers of paper mache.
<p>Wow. I would not have guessed that it was made of cardboard. Looks great.</p>
<p>thank you, I'm quite happy with it.</p>

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