Step 6: Handy stuff to have

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I have two (2) peices of heavy-duty aluminium foil. One is 12"x 2' and the other is 18"x4'. You can use the foil to make a pot to boil water in, cook in, or for signaling. There is 20' of 550 cord, 15' of duct tape, a sewing kit, and space blanket. A pencil and index cards or paper are a must have item as far as I am concerned. You can use them to leave a note for any one searching for you if you have to move or so you can write down your thoughts. You would be suprised how keeping a journal of sorts can help keep your mind in the right place in a survival situation. 
What country did you get you're duck tape in, its a different color from mine. Or is it just some specialty duck tape
You can get different colored duck tape at most home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe's Menards etc). Places near me(Wisconsin) carry everything from typical silver to animal print.
K just wondering if it was extra strong or something, mine's bright orange.